Green Box Arts is excited to showcase several new public art installations in Green Mountain Falls! New public art for summer 2020 includes Heartmouth by Pard Morrison, Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose by Chad Mount, and Animal Soul by Jason Hackenwerth.

Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose by Chad Mount

The Green Box Arts Festival is thrilled to spotlight the installation, Pondering Ponderosas with Purpose, by artist Chad Mount, which will be on display at 6990 Lake Street from June 25 – Labor Day. The Oklahoma-based artist was Green Box Arts’ very first Artist in Residence in February 2020 and is primarily known as a painter however he has worn many hats from illustrating for SPIN Magazine to Playstation Game Development.

From the highest mountain to lowest ocean, technology offers a new view of an ancient world. During his Artist in Residence stay in Green Mountain Falls, Mount explored concepts involving the marriage of “bleeding-edge” and analog technologies to layer texture, light, and sound across the natural world, using nature and the Colorado Rockies as a canvas.


Heartmouth by Pard Morrison

rsz_pard_morrison_-_placeholder_piece (1).jpg

Colorado native, artist, and sculptor Pard Morrison’s work will be on display this year with an installation at Gazebo Lake Park in Green Mountain Falls. On display June 24 – Labor Day, his newest installation, Heartmouth, is an antidote for the artist. Morrison creates sculptures with a vision to convey a sense of love, happiness, and community. Working to resolve his own inquiries, it is Morrison’s hope that those who interact with this piece come away with a cathartic and joyful experience.

“With the anonymity of our social media based culture, too often people use the platform for less than genuine ideals, and self-aggrandizing,” says Morrison. “Heartmouth was created to convey that we are always stronger together, and if you are going to open your mouth—it better be coming from your heart.”

Animal Soul by Jason Hackenwerth

Since 2005, Jason Hackenwerth has explored the phenomena of temporality and joy through the transformation of ordinary materials. Currently his works take the form of large-scale sculptural installations created from common latex balloons. Inspired by science, mythology and the ephemeral nature of his chosen medium, each work is at once mysterious, accessible and fun, complementing and responding to its architectural setting. Hackenwerth developed techniques to connect thousands of balloons into rigid, complex forms that when suspended seem to defy gravity and highlight the material’s qualities of translucency, movement and illumination.

Describing his work, the artist states, “I see these sculptures as metaphors for our own lives, common material in a state of grace.” Audiences around the world have connected with their own inner joy through their experience of Hackenwerth’s delightful organic forms. 

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